Darkroom Workshops

Workshops for All Skill Levels

The Black and White Box currently offers four workshops for all skill levels. These workshops are a low-stress way to learn the ropes of darkroom processing.

Workshops are recommended for aficionados ages 16 and up. However, we welcome anyone with a passion for film.

  • This page is updated regularly to reflect the current and upcoming courses, so please check back regularly.

Our Workshops

We will cover the theory behind B&W processing, types of chemistry, and equipment. Then we will process a roll of B&W together. After taking this class you will have a strong foundation for developing and will be able to process your rolls on your own.

Darkroom printing can be a very daunting process, so we created this workshop for photographers of all skill levels to learn what goes in to making a hand print. By the end of this session you will be confident to hire out the darkroom and make your own prints

In this workshop you will learn the basics of colour theory, filtration to correct colour casts, troubleshooting. And lastly, how to use our colour paper processor so you can rent it alone.

Can't make one of the set workshop times or want a workshop tailored to your needs?

Get in touch with Lorenzo and we can organise something

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