Darkroom Rental

Darkroom bookings and workshops will be temporarily unavailable from the 1st of June - 31st August for renovations.

Rent a Darkroom

Printing in the darkroom offers a personal, hands-on connection to your work every photographer should have the joy of experiencing.

The Black and White Box wants to encourage as many photographers of all skill levels to access to our facilities. We want to see our space used as a safe environment to further your skill set and push your creative boundaries.

Making your first print with us should be easy to do and most importantly, fun.


Equipment and Capabilities

The Water Temperture Control System we use in the darkroom

Hass Intellifaucet D250

A fully automatic hot and cold water mixing system that allows you to pump out filtered water to an accuracy of -+0.5F.

The enlargers for printing from negatives in our darkroom


The four enlargers available to use are:

• De Vere 504 w/ Colour Diffusion Head (35mm to 4x5)
• De Vere 203 w/ Varicon B&W Condenser Head (35mm to 6x9)
• De Vere 203 w/Colour Diffusion Head (35mm to 6x9)
• Omega D5 w/ Colour Diffusion head (35mm to 4x5)

Darkroom Sink

We custom built a darkroom sink so you have plenty of room to work in. It can fit up to 20” x 24” trays.

A negative being projected in the darkroom before printing begins

RA-4 /C-Type Printing

Those who prefer colour can now print in our darkroom with RA-4 chemistry and paper. We have a durst printo roller transport that handles up to 12" x 16". For larger prints you can use the jobo to drum process which can do up to 20" x 24"

Developing Film

Use our darkroom to develop your own film! We have reels and Paterson tanks available. If you want to develop 4 x 5 we also have a Stearman Press SP-445 which you can use for sheet film.

The print drying racks in our darkroom

Print Drying Rack

Once your print has been washed, it can safely go into our custom-built drying rack made out of timber and fibre glass. The rack will ensure the print dries correctly and with no damage.


UV Exposure Box

Our darkroom is also equipped for alternative processes. In this box you can exposure your cyanotypes, lumen prints, platnium palladium, Van Dkye, kallitype, gum prints and anything else that requires UV. Also have contact printing frames

A hand B&W Print being washed in the darkroom

Print Washers

For small prints we have the paterson rapid washers. For larger print runs we have a Nova Washmaster Eco 20" x 24 and a Zone VI 16" x 20" washer

Rent our Darkroom

B&W Darkroom Pricing

Half Day - 4 Hours

$ 70
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm or 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Full Day- 8 Hours

$ 140
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm

Colour / RA-4 Darkroom Pricing

Half Day - 4 Hours

$ 125
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm or 1:30pm to 5:30pm​​

Full Day- 8 Hours

$ 230
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm

What's Included:

You Bring:

Our Opening Hours:

Our darkroom is available Monday to Saturday. If you would like to arrange a time outside these hours, please contact us.

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