Introduction to B&W Film Processing – 3 Hours


One of the most essential parts of learning to use a darkroom is developing your film first! In this class, we will cover the theory behind B&W processing, types of chemistry and equipment. Once taking this class, you should have a strong development foundation and the confidence to do it yourself. You must bring a roll of already shot 35mm or 120 Black and White film to process for the workshop.

Limited to Five People

Time: Wednesday 6 pm – 9 pm. The specific date depends on the option you choose below.

Learning Outcomes

  • Theory of B&W Processing
  • Chemistry Options and Differences
  • Finding and determining development times
  • Loading
  • Agitating
  • Troubleshooting

You Bring 

  • A shot roll of 35mm or 120 B&W film

We Provide

  • Chemistry and Development Equipment


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