Neon Sign

Nicole’ father James used to be a sign-writer so we commissioned him recently to build us a neon LAB OPEN sign for our window


We’ve been recently working with the awesome team over at Allpress and they treated us to a Moccamaster coffee machine

We’ll also be using these environmentally friendly cups that is made from bio-plastic (so plants not oil). No BPA and is made from non-GMO sugar beet and sugar cane

  • Commercially compostable end-of-life


Because staying  hydrated is very important we’ve installed a water cooler from the folks over at Big Blue along with some awesome recyclable cups so if you’re ever in the shop and need to stay hydrated then go to town!

New Displays:

Our mate Steven Acres has installed 5 levels of new shelving to display the new Ilford, Paterson, X-Rite and Lomography products


We got our mates over at Cool Awnings to install us a beautiful black and white striped awning which will help to keep us a bit dryer in the winter months and also jazzes up the store a bit


The Black and White Box Team x