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Artist Interview – Kate Rampling

Tell us a bit about you! My name is Kate and I’m an Australian living in beautiful New Zealand. My upbringing had a big impact on the work that I create now. I have an identical twin sister and we spent our early years in a haunted house overlooking the ocean. My family heritage is […]

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Metal and Plastic Canister Recycling

Hey all! As we process more and more film the amount of canisters we have as surplus increases. We have added these to the website as products so you can grab as many as you like when shipping. If you come in store they are FREE of charge. If you buy online it is $5 […]

Artist Interview – Ngaru Garland

  Tell us a little bit about yourself! Kia ora! I’m a 21 year old photographer based in central Auckland. I spend my Sunday to Thursdays folding tees to pay the bills, and in my spare time I try to strike a good balance of doing my creative mahi, and just enjoying and experiencing life […]

Photo Lab and Online Store Temporarily Closed

  Hey team,   As we are a non-essential service we will now be closed for four weeks, or until it is safe to re-open. This will likely be when we return to Alert Level 2 or 3 but is situation dependent, so we’ll keep you posted. The lab being closed means we will not […]

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24/7 Drop-Off Point

  For those of you that work/are busy during the ol’ 9 – 5 we know how hard it can be to get around to dropping off your film to us during the weekday, especially when mainly all of our drop-offs and HQ open and close within those hours. We feel your pain, so we […]

Artist Interview – Paul Smith

Tell us a little bit about yourself! My name is Paul Smith, I’m a photographer based in Auckland New Zealand. My love of photography began at an early age, I found much enjoyment in the viewing of family photographs, my parents wedding album, family gatherings viewing old photos and slideshows, cine8 evenings were highlights for […]

Kodak Price Rises

If you haven’t heard already, just before the new year Kodak announced a major price rise that will be effecting all emulsions. This is much larger than the usual annual 5% price increase and isn’t consistent among all films. Some have increased by 15% and some by over 30%. We thought we’d give a little […]

Store Makeover!

Neon Sign Nicole’ father James used to be a sign-writer so we commissioned him recently to build us a neon LAB OPEN sign for our window Coffee We’ve been recently working with the awesome team over at Allpress and they treated us to a Moccamaster coffee machine We’ll also be using these environmentally friendly cups […]