Kodak Professional Rapid Selenium Toner 946mL


Kodak Professional Rapid Selenium TonerĀ is a classic method for adjusting the look and colouration of prints and increasing print stability and achievability. It is suitable for both resin-coated and fibre-based black-and-white papers, and its effects vary based on paper type, tone, surface texture, and toner dilution. When used with warm-tone papers, it produces fantastic, chocolate brown hues; with neutral-tone papers, it produces purplish brown tones; and with cool-tone papers, little to no colour change is expected. Rapid Selenium Toner also helps to extend the apparent Dmax of prints, producing a richer range of tones in the shadow areas. This toner can also be used with black and white films, where it converts the silver image to silver selenide for increased stability and slightly improves contrast.
  • For RC or Fiber B&W Papers
  • Produces Purple to Dark Brown Color
  • Promotes Stability and Archivability
  • Enhances Dmax
  • Brand: Kodak

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