Cinestill EC2 ECN-2 Home Processing Kit 1L


Cinestill has now made it accessible and easy to process your cinematic film at home with this simple 2-bath kit.

The Cn2 “COLOR NEGATIVE” developer is combined with the bath accelerant (which starts development) to produce proper ECN-2 density. The bleach and fixer baths are combined with the stop and wash baths in our single Bf2 “BLEACH&FIX STOP” bath to reduce risks to health & safety and processing defects caused by hazardous chemical carryover. After a final washing of your film, you will have CineStill negatives matching Kodak’s characteristic curves for proper motion picture processing.

It may be a less complicated process than ECN-2, but Cs2 is more advanced chemistry, utilizing chemical compounds and technology that didn’t exist when ECN-2 was initially designed. ECN-2 was formulated around the mid-1970s, with the available technology of the day. Even though our Cs2 kit is simplified and safer, we didn’t skip or compromise any of the designed functions of the ECN-2 process. Whether it be with the colour-developing agents or the combined baths, we don’t settle for incomplete formulas that omit essential active components (e.g. Antifoggant to prevent base-fog buildup, Anti-Calcium to prevent precipitate and contamination, Ammonium Thiosulfate to fully clear silver and dyes, Development Stop to prevent colour staining, etc.).

* If rem-jet is present, it can be manually removed under running water after development.

  • Reduced risk to health & safety and processing defects caused by chemical carryover
  • None of the caustic compounds or poisonous byproducts associated with ECN-2 processing (such as lye, sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide fumes, or highly toxic cyanide gas) 
  • No particular processor or additional components are needed
  • Use standard processing tanks and reels
  • Excellent for bleach bypass processing with F96 rapid fixer
  • Brand: Cinestill
  • Process: ECN-2

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