Rockland Liquid Light Photographic Emulsion


This silver-gelatin liquid emulsion is designed to be easily applied to any material.

Liquid light can be used for photographs on wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, chinaware, fabrics, metals, stone, walls, artist’s canvas and much more.

Printing with Liquid Light is the same as with black-and-white enlargement paper. Under an amber or red safelight, brush the emulsion onto the surface to be coated. Please wait a few minutes for it to firm up, then expose it with an enlarger or slide projector with the conventional paper developer and hardening fixer. The print will be archivally permanent with a full range of tones, from warm blacks to clean transparent highlights that reveal the texture and colour of the material.
  • Contrast: medium-high, approximately #3 grade.
  • Coverage: Approximately 1 1/2 square feet per ounce.
  • No fumes, odours or VOCs: Liquid Light and other Rockland emulsions are made exclusively for darkroom coating and are the only photographic emulsions with no phenol.
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