Bellini E-6 Film Developing Kit 1L


This E-6 kit is one of the only kits on the market that uses the proper 6-bath E-6 chemistry instead of 3. This is identical to the formulas we use in our lab for processing. It doesn’t use a combined blix, colour developer, or reversal bath. Resulting in longer shelf life and better quality results

  • E6 Process Kit for Colour Slide film
  • Kit to make one litre of each solution: First Developer, Reversal bath, Colour Developer, Pre-bleach, Bleach, Fixer and 10 litres of Stabilizer.
  • The kit is sufficient for about 8 × 35mm films (36exp)
  • Ships approx Feb 2022
  • Brand: Bellini
  • Process: E-6

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