We have launched!

After months of planning, hard work and setbacks we have officially launched!

The Black and White Box is a professional film lab based in the heart of Auckland but is open to film from anywhere in the world.

We founded this film lab to support the growing community of film photographers who demand quality. As film photographers, we understand how hard it can be to get good service, high-resolution scans and consistent film development.

But look no further, The Black and White box is your one-stop shop, (full stop).

What makes us special you may wonder? Our team is made up of passionate film shooters who have been developing and scanning film for years. Our most prized possessions are our Noritsu film processor and our Fuji SP3000 scanner, renowned among professionals. It applies its technical genius and we apply our love and experience to your film to end up with your desired results.

And how will you get your film to us you may ask? Since we’re a small independent film lab that cannot afford to have a storefront (we’re working on that) we will be using the concept of drop-off boxes. All you need to do is go into the drop-off location, fill out a form, pop your order form and film in the box and then wait 24 hours for us to get in touch! Simple huh?

Our first drop off point is nearly ready and will be announced in the coming days, so watch this space…

We are so excited about this new journey; we look forward to having you guys along for the ride and developing your amazing work!

Happy shooting!


The Black and White Box team