Karangahape Road; the heart of the city, the soul of all things bright and beautiful, now with a side of TB&WB.

We are very (very) proud to present the first of The Black and White Box’s drop-off points, none other than VIXEN Vintage Boutique.

Vixen is a bustling boutique, delivering the most beautiful vintage finds from all over the globe; a setting that is all too perfect to house our film drop-off. And I mean, it’s not like picking up our film every day is an excuse to go and shop there or anything.

Seriously though; because we don’t yet have a storefront, our drop-off box is just one of the systems we have put in place to ensure that getting your film to us is as convenient as possible, AND it allows us to have our 48h turn around service.

When you head to VIXEN you’ll see the box as soon as you walk in. Grab yourself the clipboard and pen, fill out your order form, pop your film and freshly completed form into one of our plastic sleeves, seal it up and drop it in the drop-off box. Simple as.

A very massive thank you to Alison and the VIXEN team for allowing us to work with them on this amazing new venture (and for running the coolest vintage store around).

So, we look forward to catching you all (and your film) in VIXEN. If you wanna know a good time to pop in, we will be picking up film daily at 12 pm; we would love to have a chat about all things film whilst dressing up in some new vintage threads (best of both worlds if you ask us).


Happy Shooting!


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