Ferrania P30 80 36exp – 35mm


  • One Roll Of Ferrania P30 80 36exp – 35mm
  • 80 ISO
  • 35mm format
  • 36 Exposures
  • Panchromatic
  • Proudly made in their reimagined factory on the grounds of the original company in Cairo Montenotte, Italy.

P30 is is a newly manufactured film engineered with modernized versions of original chemicals, based on the historic cinema formula of the mid-20th century. Each roll features a high silver content, providing high-contrast negatives with almost no visible grain. Shadows are deep and rich, while highlights are punchy and sharp. P30 is a black and white film with an entirely unique character.

  • Brand: Ferrania
  • Format: 35mm
  • ISO/ASA: 80
  • Process: B&W

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