Ferrania Orto 50 – 120


  • One Roll Of Ferrania Orto 50 – 120
  • 50 ISO
  • 120 format
  • Orthochromatic
  • Proudly crafted in their reimagined facility, on the grounds of the original company, in Cairo Montenotte, Italy.

Ferrania Orto embodies the same luxurious qualities as the P30, with its high silver content and practically imperceptible grain. However, it is an entirely new product developed using modern chemicals to achieve a classic orthochromatic aesthetic. In the early days of silent cinema, films were sensitive to blue light, known as orthochromatic. Hollywood relied on cosmetics to “correct” the appearance of actors on-screen. A century later, the same “imperfections” that troubled our predecessors have become the artistic features sought after by contemporary orthochromatic films.

  • Brand: Ferrania
  • Process: B&W
  • ISO/ASA: 50

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