Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Glossy


The Multigrade FB Classic Paper from Ilford is a baryta-coated fibre base paper with a glossy finish designed for traditional black-and-white photo printing. It features a double weight of 255 gsm and a white base tint, providing neutral colours. Additionally, it is a variable contrast paper with seven complete contrast grades available. These grades are accessible with the use of speed-matched filters.

Multigrade FB Classic is designed for all enlargers and is equally suitable for printing from conventional negatives and XP2 Super negatives. Safelights are recommended to have dark orange, dark brown, or red filters and a 15 W bulb.

  • For Traditional Black & White Printing
  • Baryta-Coated Fiber Base
  • Delivers Seven Full Grades of Contrast
  • Double Weight, 255 gsm
  • Neutral Color, White Base Tint
  • Responds Well to Toning
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