Bellini B&W Reversal (slide) Developing Kit 1L


This kit from Bellinifoto allows you to process your Black and White negative films into a positive/slide film. Most reversal processes require you to re-expose the film to light during the development process with requires quite specific precision. However this kit uses a reversal chemical bath which replaces the re-exposure step

A maximum of 12 films can be developed and it is best used in batches so save up your rolls

Bellini Recommends it works best with these films but you can use it with many films

  • PAN F exposed at 25 ASA
  • FP 4 Plus exposed at 125 ASA
  • AGFA SCALA exposed at 200 ASA
  • Rollei Ortho 25 exposed at 25 ASA
  • Orwo UN-54 and UN-74

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