Photographers’ Formulary New Cyanotype Kit (Dry) – 100ml/Makes 50 8×10″ Prints


Dr. Michael Ware formulated the Photographer’s Formulary New Cyanotype Printing Kit. The formula was established in the Jan/Feb—1997 issue of Photo Techniques.

According to Dr Ware, The “New” Cyanotype process uses a single sensitizer solution, having a long shelf life, to make prints of an excellent stable blue colour and an extended tonal response, and with speed much faster than the traditional process.”

The” New”  Cyanotype kit also loses little, if any, blue colour in the final wash water and is much more suited to a greater variety of papers.

This kit will produce approximately 50 – 8 x 10″ prints if the sensitizer is applied with a glass coating rod (makes 100 ml (3.3 oz.) of solution).

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