Photographers’ Formulary Cyanotype Kit (Dry)


The Dry¬†Photographer’s Formulary Cyanotype Kit¬†introduces you to the cyanotype, one of the oldest photographic processes and one of the least expensive. Cyanotypes have a long, full scale and distinctive blue colour. The process can produce a pale white image on a blue background or a blue print on a white background. It is a contact printing process and can be transferred to various media: paper, cloth, leather, and other media. This kit will produce up to 24 8 x 10″ prints.

Kit Contents

20g of arrowroot starch for sizing
100g of ferric ammonium citrate (green) to act as sensitizer A
40g of potassium ferricyanide to act as sensitizer B
1g of potassium dichromate for contrast control

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