Hey team,


As we are a non-essential service we will now be closed for four weeks, or until it is safe to re-open. This will likely be when we return to Alert Level 2 or 3 but is situation dependent, so we’ll keep you posted. The lab being closed means we will not be doing any film processing, shipping out or accepting any mail orders. The 24/7 drop-off point will also be closed at this time.

We are stopping all of these services as we want to strongly encourage all lockdown measures put in place by the government. This is for the safety of everyone that calls Aotearoa home. Your film can wait, but the health and well-being of the community can not. We need to act with this at the forefront of our minds over these next few weeks.

Remember to look after yourself during this period and take it as an opportunity to get creative. Experiment with film, explore the property you are self isolating at, have portrait sessions with the people you live with, document this strange time in a series. Keep the cogs whirring and enjoy working on what you love at home.

We look forward to processing your isolation projects when this is over, and will be catching up with you here in the meantime!

Stay safe, be kind.

TB&WB Team x



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