Hey all!

As we process more and more film the amount of canisters we have as surplus increases. We have added these to the website as products so you can grab as many as you like when shipping. If you come in store they are FREE of charge. If you buy online it is $5 per 50

There are many uses people can find for recycling the canisters in particular – Below are a few examples and ideas:

  • Paint posts for Arts and Crafts
  • Storing:
    Earplugs and earbuds
    Foreign Coins
  • Seedling pot
  • Travel sewing kit
  • Lunch Box Salad Dressing
  • Guitar picks
  • Stamps

Metal Canisters


Plastic Canisters


We can’t wait to see how you use them, and look forward to them having a second life with you!


The Black and White Box x