It’s been a while since we last did one of these, and since then we’ve had a new member join the team! So here’s a little bit of information about all of us that work here…

Lorenzo – Founder

Lorenzo founded the lab in 2017 after processing film commercially for a few years. He has perfected the fine service we all know and love and oversees everything in the lab, as well as TB&WB as a business. Lorenzo is self-taught and has worked tirelessly to ensure we can provide what we do today. In Lorenzo’s spare time, he enjoys gardening, piano, reading, and cycling.

Camera – Bronica GS-1, Pentax MX, Nikon F3

Favourite Film – Fuji Pro400H


Caitlin – Co-Founder

Caitlin joined forces with Lorenzo to found the lab in 2017. She’s been a key player in The Black and White Box by working on the brand side of things. Caitlin studied Communication Design at the Auckland University of Technology where she majored in Advertising and Branding. In Caitlin’s spare time she enjoys art and design, cooking, travelling and spending time with her friends.

Camera – Nikon 35ti

Favourite Film – Portra 400 



Michael – Lab Tech – Frontier Expert

Joining the team at the beginning of 2018, Michael has been the man behind all of your stunning scans. First trained on the Frontier, and now also working on the Noritsu, he has an impeccable eye for detail. He is studying Jazz Performance at Auckland University, specialising in piano. In Michael’s spare time you’ll find him riding his bike, reading a book, or hanging out with his dog Billy.

Cameras – Nikon FE2

Favourite FilmFujifilm C200 and Ilford HP5



Nicole – Lab Tech – Noritsu + B&W Developing Expert

Nicole joined our team in January 2019. She studied Psychology at Auckland University and has been shooting for 7 years, both for personal endeavours and for a wide variety of clients. She specializes mainly in fashion photography and enjoys getting creative with her pursuits. She handles film processing of C-41/B&W and scanning. In Nicole’s spare time she enjoys heading out west to enjoy the beautiful nature. She’s also a big lover of dogs.

Cameras – Pentax 67, Pentax ESII

Favourite Film – Colourplus, Lomography 800



Matt – Senior Lab Tech

Matt joined our team mid 2019. He graduated in 2016 from the University of Victoria majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. Starting out in digital photography and videography around 8 years ago, Matt soon became an avid film photographer and hasn’t looked back since. In his spare time, Matt enjoys music, podcasts, CAD, and 3D printing. He also loves keyboards (not the musical kind, but the typing kind) – designing, building, modifying, and collecting them. Don’t worry, he’s aware of how weird this is.

Cameras – Mamiya RZ67, Nikon F3, Nikon F2, Agfa Isolette II, and a broken Pentax P30

Favourite Film – Portra 160 and Ilford XP2



Isabelle – Fine Art Printing + Retouching

Isabelle joined our team in the new year of 2020. Since graduating from Unitec with a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts majoring in photography in 2014, she has spent the last six years in various roles refining her fine art printing skills, including retouching and colour correction. Isabelle has been shooting film on and off since high school, but start exclusively shooting on film during her final year at Unitec. In her spare time, Isabelle enjoys a good documentary marathon and going for bush walks.

Cameras – Mamiya 645, Olympus Stylus, Nikon F90

Favourite Film – Portra 800, Ilford XP2



Can’t wait for you to come and say hi to us in our new store!


The Black and White Box Team