Operating at Level 3: What You Need to Know + Our Safety Procedures

We are excited to let you know that the lab is still in operation under Level 3. In order to adhere to the government’s operating requirements, we’ll be making a few temporary changes until things return to normal.

This blog post consists of two parts – the first part will cover everything you need to know about our services going forward, and the second part will talk about the internal procedures we will be implementing to keep ourselves and our customers safe.

What you need to know

A quick overview…

  • You can not enter our physical store to pick-up, drop-off or pay for any film, supplies or services.
  • You can mail in your film, or use the contactless drop-off outside our store, to get your film processed.
  • A QR code linked to the COVID Tracer app will be displayed outside to store for you to scan if you wish
  • All payments for film, supplies or services will be made online for the duration of level 3
  • Our online store is fully operational and couriers are still picking up daily
  • We can still do prints for you, order them via our print portal or email

Physical Store

Our physical store will be closed to all customers, except for contactless film drop-offs outside of the store.


To get your film to us for processing you can either:

The store drop-off point is secure, contactless, and will operate the same as our other drop-offs. If possible we encourage you to print and fill your order form at home, or simply note order details on a blank piece of paper before dropping. We will invoice you for your order via email as we will not be accepting in-store payment at this time. Please observe physical distancing if there happened to be a line.

Turn-around times will be slightly longer than normal as we adhere to physical distancing in the workplace. Expect this to be somewhere around 4-5 business days, but check your payment email for specifics.

All completed orders will have their negatives archived and will NOT be available for retrieval for the foreseeable future (unless develop only). This is a step we are taking to hopefully limit any outward contamination from the lab. We will organise a retrieval process in the future to get everyone’s negatives back to them when it’s safe.

COVID Tracer QR code

If you are using the COVID Tracer app a QR code will be displayed for you to scan into our location.

Online Store (buying film and supplies)

Our full range of film and supplies will be available to buy online as usual and can be couriered to your address. You will not be able to purchase anything physically in-store, nor will we be offering pick-up options during this time. This is to ensure that we are not putting you, or ourselves, at any kind of potential risk.

Please also be aware orders may take longer to arrive than usual. At the moment, we’re expecting packages to take up to 3 days to be delivered locally, and up to a week for rural deliveries. Please contact us if you cannot receive deliveries at this time and we will try to help.


Both our ‘small-format’ and ‘fine art printing’ services will be available during this time. Orders can be made via:

An invoice for any prints ordered via email will also be sent via email so that you can make payment online, and prints can be couriered to your address once this is complete. As with film and supplies, you will not be able to order prints instore, nor pick them up.

Other Services

All other services that can operate without physical interaction with the customer will continue to operate. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Our in-store safety procedures

As a lab we will be putting processes in place to ensure we are conducting business as safely as possible, adhering to all of the business and workplace guidelines set out by the government.

This will include:

  • In-store physical distancing. each person will be working within a defined area – minimizing crossover into other areas.
  • Incoming quarantine. All incoming orders will be placed in quarantine for up to 72 hours.
  • No cross handling of jobs.
    One person (with gloves and a mask) will be handling all incoming film orders. This part of the process consists of handling high-risk objects (such as canisters, cassettes, order forms) that may have surface contamination.
    Another will be responsible for fulfilling all outgoing orders, whilst also wearing a mask and gloves.
    Hopefully a combination of order quarantine and PPE will eliminate any safety concerns.

Once the film has been processed it is unlikely to present any safety risk as the film itself is unlikely to have come into contact with the virus, and the process of developing the film should kill/remove any remaining surface infection.

After initial processing, all order forms will sit for 3 days before being handled and re-connected with the negatives for scanning and delivery. This should be enough time for any viruses on the surface of the order forms to have died.

All completed orders will be archived until at least level 2 to further limit any potential spread outside of the lab.

Lastly… thank you!

As always we welcome any feedback, questions or suggestions about safety procedures or anything else in this post. Please email us at [email protected] or contact us via our contact form.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the lab – it’s always appreciated.

Stay safe, be kind.

TB&WB Team x