Heiland Electronic

When building our darkroom at the new premise we wanted it to be equipped with the best available tools for our customers.

Fortunately, we can access Heiland Electronic‘s range of equipment, which is one of the few companies still manufacturing new darkroom technology to support the industry.


Heiland Electronic was founded in 1988 and since that time, they have been continuously designing and manufacturing products for traditional, silver-based black and white photography in Wetzlar, Germany.

Their senior, Wilhelm Heiland, was committed to the creation of valuable and easy-to-use products such as their well-known TRD-2 densitometer. Until his sudden death in 2003, his impact was further felt in the development of products such as our popular SPLITGRADE system.

With the advent of digital photography, many photographers were worried that the end of traditional, silver-based photography was near, but the team at Heiland Electronic have kept on designing innovative products for the wonderful artistic work which is done with film and photographic paper. So they have introduced new and imaginative products to the market such as the TAS film processor and the LED cold light source.

Oceania Stockist

In 2021, Jurgen asked us to be his main dealer on this side of the world. Below is a shortlist of their product offerings.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of these for your darkroom!

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