For those of you that work/are busy during the ol’ 9 – 5 we know how hard it can be to get around to dropping off your film to us during the weekday, especially when mainly all of our drop-offs and HQ open and close within those hours.

We feel your pain, so we decided to take the stress out of rushing to meet opening hours with a 24/7 drop-off point at TB&WB HQ,  129 Main Highway, Ellerslie!



With the amazing help of Matt we have fitted a film flap to our front door. This offers ease of use when popping film through it, but keeps it secure so it cannot be taken out except by us inside.



This 24/7 drop-off point poses many advantages. Firstly, you know it’s going to make its way on to the process run the next morning. This is perfect for those wanting to do rush orders who might be shooting late, for an assignment or perhaps a client with a tight turnaround. It also offers you the peace of mind knowing it’s already at the lab and that our wonderful film family will be in touch via email as soon as they can regarding payment and when you will receive your order.

With all that said… the 24/7 drop-off is now open for business, and we can’t wait to see your film bright and early tomorrow morning.


Happy snapping,

The Black and White Box Team x